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Crackerjack supports Paw Justice

Buy a Paw Justice air freshener, exclusively at Crackerjack, and ALL profits are donated to Paw Justice to protect animals who need our help

Introducing Paw Justice

Paw Justice was formed in 2009 to help deal with the sickening problem of animal cruelty and neglect against pets in New Zealand. We want to see abuse rates dropping dramatically, serious offenders punished appropriately, children educated about respect and kindness, and companion animals all over New Zealand living comfortable and happy lives.

Paw Justice pull together every resource we can find, welcoming every supporter who believes in our cause, and working together with other like minded New Zealanders to stop violence against innocent animals. We want YOUR pet to be safe!

Paw Justice has a zero tolerance attitude towards animal abuse, working with the community to reduce incidences. Paw Justice has various campaigns and programmes which aim to promote its causes. We act as advocates in the community for those with no voices and promote education and public awareness to bring about social change.

Paw Justice receive no government funding and rely on the generosity of every day New Zealanders to continue our battle. When you see the Paw Justice logo on products, know that it signifies our cause and that profits from those products go help us in our fight against animal abuse. Your support funds the following Paw Justice initiatives:


  • Helping support animal rescue shelters with a pet Food Bank Program and other supplies like worming and flea treatments and treats
  • Providing food and resources to the unsung heroes that foster rescued animals
  • Helping pet owners during hard times
  • We petition for harsher penalties for animal abusers. Laws have been changed in New Zealand as a result.


  • 71 Shelters and Rescuers involved in the Pet Rescue program throughout the country.
  • The Pet Rescue program is all about getting animals out of shelters and into loving homes
  • Raising awareness of animals in need of a loving home and the responsibilities of pet ownership


  • We believe that prevention of animal abuse and cruelty starts with a change in our society. Paw Justice youth education is about teaching our youth compassion and responsible behaviour towards animals.


  • Paw Justice believes there is strength in numbers. Our social media platform was created to increase public awareness.
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