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We hunt the globe for quality and branded clothing at an incredible price and pass on the savings, so let us present you - sustainable fashion at Crackerjack!

Second hand clothing! It’s not what you think!

Let Us Explain!

The clothing you find at Crackerjack stores is a customer-returned item, which has been returned to a significant USA retailer or online seller. In the USA, if a product is bought and then not wanted for reasons such as wrong size, colour, or fit, the product gets returned to a colossal Warehouse where retailers like Crackerjack bulk purchase the garments at a discounted price. Many of these items are still in new condition, having just been tried on.

We set out with one vision in mind: “To bring Kiwis great clothing brands at affordable prices while minimising our impact on the planet.”

Worldwide there is an abundance of apparel waste generated each year; according to BBC Earth, in the US alone, customers return 3.5 billion clothing items yearly, many of which end up in landfills. No clothing we import goes from our hands into landfill. We love that we’re applying a sustainable solution to a global waste problem.

By buying the US clothing range, you’re helping to positively impact the planet and creating employment for Kiwis while enjoying great brands at affordable prices. We are proud that this meets two of our company values “We do it the Kiwi way” & “We do the right thing.”

These items we buy knowingly as returned goods; this is why you may never see the identical item twice and getting it when you see it avoids disappointment and tantrums! In every Crackerjack store you’ll find a huge range of second-hand quality women’s, men’s and kids clothing, swimwear and accessories at a fraction of their original price.

All stores have different stock, and you’ll find clothing instore only due to product flying out the door as soon as it arrives.

See you instore!

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Shop Clothing Instore!

Shop Clothing Instore!